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There have been many proposals to modernize the tax system or its many components, using methods ranging from blue ribbon commissions of non-government volunteers to in-house government proposals. For a variety of reasons, however, the state and local tax system never has been completely overhauled. ...Read more
Incremental change is how PA's state and local tax systems change - slowly and haphazardly - though not for a lack of ideas and proposals. ...Read more
Pennsylvania’s urbanized areas generally have been experiencing a slow but undeniably real decline. All indicators point to cities and towns that are less populated, less wealthy, and more fiscally unstable with every passing year. ...Read more
State policymakers have placed a large bet on gambling; now only time will tell whether this bet pays off. ...Read more
More than $700 million in new revenues will fund the 2003-2004 budget. But who's going to foot the bill? IssuesPA takes a closer look. ...Read more
IssuesPA analyzed the property tax relief proposals currently before the legislature. There are six steps, and unfortunately, the process is anything but simple. Change in the tax system is inherently complicated, and you knew it wouldn’t be easy. So take a deep breath. ...Read more
Whether to authorize new gambling in Pennsylvania by legalizing slot machines has become a saga filled with questions. Conspicuously absent are questions about how new state tax revenues from these slot machines would be spent. IssuesPA took a closer look. ...Read more
The legislature and the Governor continue to debate the merits and pitfalls of new gambling revenue as the primary source of funds for property tax relief. Missing from the debate is the impact of the tax relief proposals on different types of taxpayers. ...Read more
State policymakers are considering proposals to provide property tax relief for homestead and farmstead property owners through expanded legalized gambling or other mechanisms. ...Read more
Six months into the fiscal year, Pennsylvania's legislature finalized the 2003-2004 state budget - just in time to start NEXT year's budget process in February. ...Read more