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According to a recent report by the state Public Employee Retirement Commission, pension plans in many municipalities in Pennsylvania are financially distressed. ...Read more
Given the decline in full time officers, communities and residents are at a higher risk and with limited resources, training, and investigative crime ― crime resolution is not at a high level. This study promotes regionalization of police forces to enhance coverage across all communities in Luzerne County. ...Read more
“We need statewide reform, and we need it now.” ...Read more
Brian K. Jensen, Ph.D. has been named the executive director of the Pennsylvania Economy League of Southwestern PA (PELSW) which serves the 10 county Pittsburgh region. ...Read more
The Pennsylvania Economy League, Inc. (PEL, Inc.), the state’s leading regionally-based economic policy organization, named Steve Wray as its managing director. ...Read more
Allegheny Conference joins business community representatives from across state testifying at House Local Government Committee Hearing. Senate Bill 1429 called ‘ultimate in local control.’ ...Read more
As huge generators of economic growth and the two largest governments in the 10-county region, Allegheny County and the City of Pittsburgh require special attention for functional and structural reforms to benefit the region. The better the coordination among these two governments, the more effective the development and execution of a regional agenda for economic growth and quality of life will be. ...Read more
The Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce joins business community representatives from across the state testifying at House Local Government Committee Hearing. ...Read more
With any luck, we're welcoming a number of readers back to IssuesPA in addition to new readers. If you take the Way Back Machine with us to 2002, it's clear that much in the world has evolved: ...Read more
A slide presentation describing the political nature of pension funds and the effects of same. ...Read more
That this southwestern Pennsylvania town's fire department is disseminating this study is, in itself, an example of the stress on local services provision. ...Read more
In the 2009-10 fiscal year, the Commonwealth borrowed $800,000,000 in TANS, short-term notes issued in advance of taxes and revenues to be received by the state. These short-term notes are issued by states and municipalities as cash flow management tools used to smooth the differences between receipts of revenues by the Commonwealth and payment of ordinary and ongoing expenses. ...Read more
We just ran across this useful summary put out by DCED current to October 2009. ...Read more
A coalition of public policy research interests in California came together to launch a quite compelling website, Why? In addition to the selection for governor and any local/regional contests, Californians have 9 Propositions to vote on -- from redistricting to cannabis laws to easing pollution standards. Have a look. ...Read more
Too bad that they're popular in "that way." ...Read more
PICA, the organization that since 1991 has overseen Philadelphia's annual and 5-year budget, released the latest Citizen's Guide today. Read the release after the jump. ...Read more
The day will come when the good people of many small towns in Luzerne County will recognize the inevitable: "Our town, as much as we love it, cannot continue to exist." ...Read more
The Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center is tracking how much severance tax revenue the state has lost over the past year. It hits $100 million this weekend, October 23-24, 2010. ...Read more
Polls in Pennsylvania are open 7am to 8pm. There's a handy website to consult for polling place information, voter questions, and much more: ...Read more
Luzerne County voters approved adopting a home rule charter for county government. The three, full-time elected commissioners will be replaced with 11 part-time elected council members and an appointed manager starting January 2012. Nine elected row offices will be eliminated, with their duties assumed by employees. ...Read more