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By January 12, 2012, the number of Earned Income Tax collectors will have decreased more than 85%, from 560 to just 69. ...Read more
Michigan government's two largest pension systems — the Michigan Public School Employees' Retirement System and the Michigan State Employees' Retirement System — offer their members benefits that are out of line with those in Michigan's private sector and are unlikely to prove affordable in the long-term, according to a new study published by the Mackinac Center last month. ...Read more
They'd like to avoid what happened to Reading and is about to happen to Harrisburg. ...Read more
The state House of Representatives took a step Monday to defuse Pennsylvania's pension bomb. The House approved a bill aimed at addressing the skyrocketing retirement costs of state and public-school employees, including legislators and teachers. The so-called pension-reform bill would spread payments into the two pension systems over additional years, boost the retirement age for future employees, and give them the option of either contributing more to the plan or having their benefits trimmed. ...Read more
If you're looking for examples of municipalities that are undergoing structural change, look no further than the Center for Governmental Research. There are a baker's dozen of microsites for towns in the thick of it -- largely in the Northeast. ...Read more
Apologies for the metaphor-mix, but I am not the writer that Pat Howard of the Erie Times-News is. His opinion piece describing the prevailing attitude in the Erie area against regionalism is heard across the Commonwealth. And all he's calling for is a movement to "halt decline." Read on. ...Read more
NJ has 566 municipalities which puts it in similar straits as PA regarding government fragmentation. ...Read more
ELGP report detailing the state revenues generated by the region as well as estimating Southeastern Pennsylvania’s share of Pennsylvania’s total economic activity. ...Read more