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New report finds expanded Medicaid would support tens of thousands of new jobs, generate billions in economic activity and result in a net positive impact on the state budget between 2016 and 2022. ...Read more
Wages have largely stagnated over the past three decades. There has also been a sharp slowdown in gains in educational attainment and reduced rates of public investments, and fading returns to those investments. The crisis in state budgets and the requirement that they balance budgets each year threatens to compound this — forcing cuts in critical public investment projects that determine our future prosperity, and that of our children. ...Read more
Will 2011 mark massive Athens- and Paris-like street demonstrations as American state and local government workers protest recession-triggered cuts in their pay and retirement benefits? Some are making that prediction. I don’t, because I don’t believe the public will be with the workers. For good or ill, we chronically regard government — and its employees — as “somebody else,” not “us.” We exhibit little of the class or cultural solidarity that undergirded the protests in Europe. But there’s no doubt that a major showdown on public sector wages and benefits is at hand. On the very day of his inauguration, Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York agreed to an order by his predecessor to lay off 900 state workers because union leaders had refused to agree to $250 million in concessions. ...Read more
ELGP report detailing the state revenues generated by the region as well as estimating Southeastern Pennsylvania’s share of Pennsylvania’s total economic activity. ...Read more
The Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center is tracking how much severance tax revenue the state has lost over the past year. It hits $100 million this weekend, October 23-24, 2010. ...Read more
PICA, the organization that since 1991 has overseen Philadelphia's annual and 5-year budget, released the latest Citizen's Guide today. Read the release after the jump. ...Read more
Too bad that they're popular in "that way." ...Read more
In the 2009-10 fiscal year, the Commonwealth borrowed $800,000,000 in TANS, short-term notes issued in advance of taxes and revenues to be received by the state. These short-term notes are issued by states and municipalities as cash flow management tools used to smooth the differences between receipts of revenues by the Commonwealth and payment of ordinary and ongoing expenses. ...Read more
As huge generators of economic growth and the two largest governments in the 10-county region, Allegheny County and the City of Pittsburgh require special attention for functional and structural reforms to benefit the region. The better the coordination among these two governments, the more effective the development and execution of a regional agenda for economic growth and quality of life will be. ...Read more
Consolidating the collection of earned income tax into 69 new locally established collection bureaus provides significant improvement of collection efficiency and reduction of waste. ...Read more