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Wages have largely stagnated over the past three decades. There has also been a sharp slowdown in gains in educational attainment and reduced rates of public investments, and fading returns to those investments. The crisis in state budgets and the requirement that they balance budgets each year threatens to compound this — forcing cuts in critical public investment projects that determine our future prosperity, and that of our children. ...Read more
Pennsylvania's budget problems present a special challenge for Corbett, who campaigned on a pledge that he would not raise taxes. Here are some choices that could be made to help solve the state's budget problems. ...Read more
The state House of Representatives took a step Monday to defuse Pennsylvania's pension bomb. The House approved a bill aimed at addressing the skyrocketing retirement costs of state and public-school employees, including legislators and teachers. The so-called pension-reform bill would spread payments into the two pension systems over additional years, boost the retirement age for future employees, and give them the option of either contributing more to the plan or having their benefits trimmed. ...Read more
Michigan government's two largest pension systems — the Michigan Public School Employees' Retirement System and the Michigan State Employees' Retirement System — offer their members benefits that are out of line with those in Michigan's private sector and are unlikely to prove affordable in the long-term, according to a new study published by the Mackinac Center last month. ...Read more
Polls in Pennsylvania are open 7am to 8pm. There's a handy website to consult for polling place information, voter questions, and much more: ...Read more
Too bad that they're popular in "that way." ...Read more
A coalition of public policy research interests in California came together to launch a quite compelling website, Why? In addition to the selection for governor and any local/regional contests, Californians have 9 Propositions to vote on -- from redistricting to cannabis laws to easing pollution standards. Have a look. ...Read more
A slide presentation describing the political nature of pension funds and the effects of same. ...Read more
The Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce joins business community representatives from across the state testifying at House Local Government Committee Hearing. ...Read more
Allegheny Conference joins business community representatives from across state testifying at House Local Government Committee Hearing. Senate Bill 1429 called ‘ultimate in local control.’ ...Read more