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What happens in Washington impacts Pennsylvania, from state to local governments, and from the Governor to individual citizens. It's an alliance worth monitoring and nurturing, for a whole lot of reasons. ...Read more
Most citizens of Pennsylvania believe the business of government, including state government, should be conducted openly and without undue influence. Those same citizens often question whether that’s actually taking place. IssuesPA investigated. ...Read more
Is Pennsylvania a high tax state or a low tax state, compared to its peers? It's a difficult question to answer objectively. IssuesPA combined state and local taxes to provide a more accurate picture of the overall tax burden. ...Read more
What will be on the minds of voters when they go to the polls this month and in November? IssuesPA asked Pennsylvanians in the April 2006 IssuesPA/Pew poll. They weighed in on those who govern, how they're doing, and what government costs. ...Read more
Projected slow growth and an aging population – not exactly a recipe for a strong economic future in PA. What do the demographics and trends reveal? IssuesPA takes a closer look. ...Read more
How does pay for Pennsylvania’s legislature compare to pay in other states? Pennsylvania’s legislators now rank second in terms of base pay, trailing only the $99,000 salary for California legislators. ...Read more
Act 72 of 2004, the Homeowner Tax Relief Act, targets some of the anticipated revenues from slot machines for local property tax relief in Pennsylvania. However, this new law impacts more than homeowners’ tax bills. IssuesPA investigated the impact on local tax collection. ...Read more
When businesses consider locating or expanding their operations in Pennsylvania, a key factor influencing their decision is the amount of taxes they’ll pay. And state business taxes get a lot of attention. What do they find out? IssuesPA offers some answers. ...Read more
The Governor's budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2005-06 doesn’t include changes to the tax system for next year, but it does look forward to the following year, suggesting a “revenue neutral” restructuring of business taxes. Here’s an IssuesPA primer on five business tax restructuring terms and possible changes that matter. ...Read more
There have been many proposals to modernize the tax system or its many components, using methods ranging from blue ribbon commissions of non-government volunteers to in-house government proposals. For a variety of reasons, however, the state and local tax system never has been completely overhauled. ...Read more