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Most citizens of Pennsylvania believe the business of government, including state government, should be conducted openly and without undue influence. Those same citizens often question whether that’s actually taking place. IssuesPA investigated. ...Read more
What will be on the minds of voters when they go to the polls this month and in November? IssuesPA asked Pennsylvanians in the April 2006 IssuesPA/Pew poll. They weighed in on those who govern, how they're doing, and what government costs. ...Read more
How does pay for Pennsylvania’s legislature compare to pay in other states? Pennsylvania’s legislators now rank second in terms of base pay, trailing only the $99,000 salary for California legislators. ...Read more
Collecting taxes is a necessary function of local government. In Pennsylvania, who does it and how it is done aren’t consistent across government entities. Here’s a primer from IssuesPA. ...Read more
Act 72 of 2004, the Homeowner Tax Relief Act, targets some of the anticipated revenues from slot machines for local property tax relief in Pennsylvania. However, this new law impacts more than homeowners’ tax bills. IssuesPA investigated the impact on local tax collection. ...Read more
Incremental change is how PA's state and local tax systems change - slowly and haphazardly - though not for a lack of ideas and proposals. ...Read more
As the special legislative session on local tax reform gets underway in Pennsylvania this week, almost everybody agrees local tax reform is needed. But is there an easy, painless solution? No. ...Read more