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Maybe it’s time to give up on Camden remaining a municipality. A failed state takeover barely moved the city closer to being a self-sustaining entity. And new solutions proposed for Camden seem to have little chance of being implemented soon enough to keep it from strangling in debt. ...Read more
Pennsylvania's budget problems present a special challenge for Corbett, who campaigned on a pledge that he would not raise taxes. Here are some choices that could be made to help solve the state's budget problems. ...Read more
NJ has 566 municipalities which puts it in similar straits as PA regarding government fragmentation. ...Read more
Apologies for the metaphor-mix, but I am not the writer that Pat Howard of the Erie Times-News is. His opinion piece describing the prevailing attitude in the Erie area against regionalism is heard across the Commonwealth. And all he's calling for is a movement to "halt decline." Read on. ...Read more
If you're looking for examples of municipalities that are undergoing structural change, look no further than the Center for Governmental Research. There are a baker's dozen of microsites for towns in the thick of it -- largely in the Northeast. ...Read more
Luzerne County voters approved adopting a home rule charter for county government. The three, full-time elected commissioners will be replaced with 11 part-time elected council members and an appointed manager starting January 2012. Nine elected row offices will be eliminated, with their duties assumed by employees. ...Read more
The day will come when the good people of many small towns in Luzerne County will recognize the inevitable: "Our town, as much as we love it, cannot continue to exist." ...Read more
We just ran across this useful summary put out by DCED current to October 2009. ...Read more
The Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce joins business community representatives from across the state testifying at House Local Government Committee Hearing. ...Read more
Allegheny Conference joins business community representatives from across state testifying at House Local Government Committee Hearing. Senate Bill 1429 called ‘ultimate in local control.’ ...Read more