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State policymakers are considering proposals to provide property tax relief for homestead and farmstead property owners through expanded legalized gambling or other mechanisms. ...Read more
The legislature and the Governor continue to debate the merits and pitfalls of new gambling revenue as the primary source of funds for property tax relief. Missing from the debate is the impact of the tax relief proposals on different types of taxpayers. ...Read more
Six months into the fiscal year, Pennsylvania's legislature finalized the 2003-2004 state budget - just in time to start NEXT year's budget process in February. ...Read more
More than $700 million in new revenues will fund the 2003-2004 budget. But who's going to foot the bill? IssuesPA takes a closer look. ...Read more
No examination of income taxes in Pennsylvania - or the quest for local tax reform - is complete without a closer look at Philadelphia’s city wage tax. Historically, it’s been a key stumbling block. Why? IssuesPA sought answers. ...Read more
Every Governor since Raymond P. Shafer has considered or attempted some form of tax reform, yet little has really changed. ...Read more
To describe Pennsylvania local taxation as a "system" of taxation does violence to the English language. It’s more like a "collection." Generally allowed to tax anything that the state does not, municipal and school district governing bodies individually select from a menu of tax possibilities. ...Read more
As the special legislative session on local tax reform gets underway in Pennsylvania this week, almost everybody agrees local tax reform is needed. But is there an easy, painless solution? No. ...Read more