Pennsylvania Economy League of Central PA

Pennsylvania Economy League of Central PA

The Pennsylvania Economy League Central PA works to identify problems and opportunities associated with government and public policy and to provide research, analysis, planning, technical assistance, and information to public officials, citizens, and the media. These facts and objective analyses serve as a basis for sound public policy decisions and aid in initiating appropriate actions by the state’s public and private leadership.

PEL Central’s projects and activities are designed to encourage and assist in bringing about the sound financing and most cost-effective delivery of necessary public services at the county, municipal, and school district levels. Its operations are focused on Berks County, Central Penn Area, Harrisburg Area, Lancaster County, Lehigh Valley, Northeastern Region, Lycoming/Clinton Region, and York County. Each area is governed by a committee of local leaders.


Gerald E. Cross, Executive Director
Tel: 570 824 3559
Fax: 570 829 8099

Mailing address:

Pennsylvania Economy League, Inc., Central PA
88 N. Franklin Street
Suite 200
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701-1393