In the 2009-10 fiscal year, the Commonwealth borrowed $800,000,000 in TANS, short-term notes issued in advance of taxes and revenues to be received by the state. These short-term notes are issued by states and municipalities as cash flow management tools used to smooth the differences between receipts of revenues by the Commonwealth and payment of ordinary and ongoing expenses. ...Read more
With any luck, we're welcoming a number of readers back to IssuesPA in addition to new readers. If you take the Way Back Machine with us to 2002, it's clear that much in the world has evolved: ...Read more
That this southwestern Pennsylvania town's fire department is disseminating this study is, in itself, an example of the stress on local services provision. ...Read more
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The Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce joins business community representatives from across the state testifying at House Local Government Committee Hearing. ...Read more