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PEL report analyzed municipal revenue from 1970 through 2003, found a systemic decline in the fiscal health of communities statewide. ...Read more
Public transportation systems exist throughout the state – from large networks of buses, trains and light rail in southeast Pennsylvania to small bus systems in rural communities. IssuesPA takes a closer look at ridership, funding and the overall impact of public transit on Pennsylvania's transportation infrastructure. ...Read more
When it comes to the state’s roads and bridges, how does Pennsylvania compare to other states with similar economic and climate conditions? IssuesPA takes a closer look. ...Read more
In Pennsylvania, roughly one-third of all road miles are owned and operated by the state Department of Transportation, but three out of four miles traveled within Pennsylvania are on state-owned roadways. ...Read more
While privatizing the Turnpike or other Interstates through long-term leases is hotly debated, the variety of public-private partnerships are virtually limitless. ...Read more
In October 2006, PEL completed a benchmarking study of transportation funding and conditions in Pennsylvania and five other states (OH, NJ, NY, MI, IL) to provide an objective review of state policy and funding practices. The study confirmed what many motorists and transit riders already know: Pennsylvania’s transportation systems are in bad shape –financial and physical, roads and public transit. ...Read more
There's one undeniable fact about local governments in Pennsylvania – there are a lot of them. Some say we should pay the most attention to what happens at the local government level, because decisions made there affect us the most. IssuesPA offers this primer on the many varieties of local governments, and how (and why) they’ve changed over the decades. ...Read more
What makes a community strong, vibrant and attractive as a place to live and work? This question is important because, in our global economy, companies and individuals today can locate almost anywhere. In 2006, community vitality may matter more than ever. ...Read more
Projected slow growth and an aging population – not exactly a recipe for a strong economic future in PA. What do the demographics and trends reveal? IssuesPA takes a closer look. ...Read more